Subject Name Seminar for Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering
Opening Semester 3rd Semester Units 1-1-0
Lecturer Professors and Associate Professors in MISE ---
[Course objectives]

This course is intended to be a comprehensive introduction to mechanical and intelligence systems, to blush up your communication skills in oral, visual and writing forms, and to enhance your confidence necessary to contribute to the society.


1. What is mechanical and intelligence systems engineering.
2. Introduction to the Mechanical and Intelligence Systems Engineering Course.
3. Technical writing.
4. Oral presentation.
5. Skill on discussion and debate between the engineers
6. Mechanical engineers as social members and the ethics to engineers


Attendance is essential. Reports and the presentation exercises will be totally evaluated. Students will have a basic skill on technical communication and understand the rolls, tasks, and responsibilities of engineers in society Grading will be in accordance with the ability of application of skills and knowledge.

[Text books and references]

No specific text book is assigned. Followings are recommended as references:
1. Postgraduate Study in the Biological Sciences, Robert J. Beynon, Portland Press Ltd. 1993
2. Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases 2nd Book and CD-ROM edition Charles E. Harris, Michael S. Pritchard, Michael J. Rabins Wadsworth Publishing 2000
3. Ethics in Engineering Practice and Research Caroline Whitbeck Cambridge Univ Pr 1998


Students are principally expected to belong to the Department of Mechanical and Intelligence Systems Engineering.


While you would wish to learn the professional skills on the mechanical intelligence systems engineering, in addition to that you should learn the responsibility of mechanical engineers and be in well grounded in the insight of the social and cultural influence of technologies. Students, therefore, will have the ability for voluntary education in various fields.