Subject Name

Engineering Quantum Mechanics

Opening Semester

5th Semester




Associate Prof.

Takahisa Yamazaki

[Brief Guide]
Basic knowledge of statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics are lectured. Examples of quantum effects (tunnel effect, energy level) are introduced to understand the expanded real applications for engineering field.

1. Quantum hypothesis (Black-body radiation, Photoelectric effect)
2. Bohrfs theory of atom structure
3. Heisenberg uncertainty principle
4. Wave equation
5. Schrödingerfs equation
6. Harmonic oscillator and Wave function in square-well potential
7. Wave functions of hydrogen atom
8. Wave functions of hydrogen like atom
9. Spin and Spin coordinate
10. Wave function and Energy of Helium atom
11. Quantum statistical mechanics
12. Free electron and Band theory
13. Wave functions in crystals
14. Application of quantum effect
15. Nano-technology

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[Text, etc]
Prints are distributed to students@who attend each number of schedule. Next book is available to study quantum physics.
Arthur Beiser, gConcepts of Modern Physicsh, McGraw-Hill Book.
Co. 1981.

[Message of Lecturers]
 It is necessary to understand the primary quantum mechanics for materials science and advanced material processing. This lecture has enough exercises of basic problems to understand quantum mechanics.