Subject Name Exercise of Microcomputer Control
Recommended Semester 6th Semester Units 0-0.5-0.5
Lecturer Associate Prof. Hayato Yoshioka
Room#302, Suzukakedai G2 Building (ex.5470)

Prof. Nobuyuki Iwatsuki
Room#305, Ishikawadai 1st Buliding (ex.2538)

Assistant Prof. Koichi Morikawa
Room#352, Ishikawadai 1st Buliding (ex.3094)

Assistant Prof. Yu Kurokawa
Room#604, Ishikawadai 1st Buliding (ex.2783)

[Course objectives]

In order to make students understand how to design and utilize microcomputer system, both of hardware and software are eaplained and group exercises to develop control programs and to expermentally validate the programs are carried out.


1. Architecture of microcomputer
(1) History of microcomputer
(2) Principal elements of microcomputer
(3) Onechip microcomputer

2. Environment to develop microcomputer systems
(1) Complier
(2) Debugger and program writer
(3) Testing board
(4) Exercise: Program writing and execution

3. I/O of microcomputer
(1) I/O port and command
(2) Interface circuit for I/O devices
(3) Digital I/O
(4) Analog I/O
(5) Exercise: Development of digital voltmeter

4. Interruption
(1) Interruption type
(2) Interruption vector and program
(3) Priority level amd enable/disable of interruption
(4) Timer Interruption
(5) Exercise: Development of stop watch with

5. Communicatio to PC
(1) Communication protocol
(2) USB communication
(3) PWM control of DC motor
(4) Exercise: Parameter tuning for DC motor and acquisition of expermental data

6. Motion control of mechanical systems with microcomputer
(1) Two wheel mobile robot and its elements
(2) Kinematics of two wheel mobile robot
(3) Sensing system
(4) Exercise: Autonomous motion control of two wheel mobile robo

[How to Grade]

Grading is done based on the overall judgement of the achievement level of each exercise and submitted reports. Students are requested to understand at least 80% of the contents and to succeed the minimum of each exercise.

[Text, etc.]

Prints are distributed to students.

[Message of Lecturers]

The use of the microcomputer is indispensable to compose mechanical and intelligent systems such as autonomous mobile robots. Lecturers hope students to study with interests through programing and experments of microcomputer systems.