Subject Name
Intelligent Control Design
Opening Semester 6th Semester Units 2-0-0
Lecturer Associate Prof. Masafumi OKADA
Room#306, Ishikawadai 1st Building (ex.2535)

To control a dynamical system, it is necessary to know the dynamic property of the object and to design the control algorithm. In this lecture, dynamical system analysis, controller design, signal processing and filtering are illustrated based on the modern control theory, and it is applied to intelligent robot control. The main topics are focused on the computer control and the discrete time system theory is at the center of talks.


1. Modern control theory

(1) Dynamics and state-space representation
(2) Controllability and Observability
(3) Pole placement and Linear Quadratic Regulator
(4) Observer and Kalman Filter

2. Discrete-time system

(1) FIR Filter and FIR model
(2) System Identification Theory
(3) Least Square Algorithm and Complementary Space
(4) Computer implementation of control theory

3. Robot motion control

(1) Forward and inverse kinematics
(2) Statics and compliance
(3) Jacobian matrix
(4) Degree of freedom for robot motion

4. Intelligent robot control - Application of nonlinear dynamics-

(1) Neural network and learning
(2) Generic algorithm
(3) Entrainment phenomenon of the nonlinear dynamics


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