Subject Name Creative Project for Mechanical and Intelligent Systems
Opening Semester 6th Semester Units 0-0-4
Lecturer Professors and Associate Professors in MISE ---
[Course objectives]

This course is intended the students to have an ability to design and perform the project related to the mechanical and intelligent systems based on the fundamental knowledge you have learned until the 5th semester. Students will have a challenge spirit to tackle difficult and unsolved problems with which they will be confront in their carrier including the Bachelor Thesis Project through the experience in this course.


Students will plan the project and design and produce the mechanical systems including hard- and software along the objectives given by supervisors. The project teams, which consist of five to seven students, will belong to the laboratory of supervisors. The products will be improved according to the comments offered by users.


Grading will be assigned totally based on the following aspects;
Presented ideas in planning, designing, and manufacturing,
Contribution to realize the ideas,
A sense of leadership, and
Communication skills with users.
A goal of this course is to have an ability to voluntarily plan and manage the project.

[Text books and references]

No specific text book is assigned. Supervisors will notice if necessary.


Students are principally expected to belong to the Department of Mechanical and Intelligence Systems Engineering and already have credits of recommended subjects.


You should notice that a sense of leadership, creativity and challenge sprit to tackle unknown and unsolved problems are required for engineers, researchers, and educators in mechanical engineering in future. Students should actively engage in this course, since it is intended not only to produce the mechanical systems but also to bring up an ability to improve the products by usersŐ comments through the interesting and hard experience in production and creation.